When we travel around the city using our architect´s eyes, we witness a ritual of love and hate between buildings. Most of the time, at least in Venezuelan cities, it is a ritual of hate more than love. Between two buildings standing next to each other (or between the architects behind the buildings) we see as many discrepancies as in most discordant couples. It is a kind of dance in which everyone is dancing to a different tune. There is no harmony between them… no love.

In our cities, everyone wants to shine, to make the most impact. That is not what this is all about. Architecture is much more than that. It is something deeper and more complex than simply being the biggest, or most impressive, or the rarest. It is not about the limelight, or discordant notes, there is no need to shout in the middle of the path. It is about unity, to be part of a whole; to build a chord to complement our small everyday worlds, without losing our identity as architects.

To make a city, you have to love…

Cities need more buildings in harmony, that make us go without braking, leading us through streets where everything flows gently and smoothly. This does not mean that there should not be landmark buildings, of course there should be some, but all of them cannot fulfill that mission.

Each building must be created as you create the notes of a melody, each one is an important piece of a whole, and if you listen to it alone it is beautiful, but never so beautiful as when you listen to it accompanied by their melodic partners. These dancing notes, buildings in love, are what make our daily lives pleasant, they are the ones that leave a fresh feeling in our days.

The architect should, standing in front of a vacant plot, look at it as you look at the future, or destiny… think big, but always positive. He/she must discover the strengths and weaknesses of those who will accompany his/her creation and think about how to strengthen the first and conceal the latter. The building that will be erected there must hug its partner but without attempting to overshadow it; this will make it bigger, and thus its creator.

We need more buildings in love… more concordant couples… more fluid cities…