One of those good days that surprise us when we least expect them, brought a lot of reflections, and these reflections made me think of a nice idea.

We meet many people all the time; some of them leave big footprints in our lives, others perhaps not so big, but they all get to be, in one way or another, part of our lives. The point is that, by relying on our sometimes treacherous mind, we lose memories of these people, and sometimes we even lose people. They get lost in our memory, remain hidden there and many times they do not go out ever again.

I have met many interesting people on twitter this year, and I definitely do not want these people, who have become a source of knowledge and inspiration, to disappear from my memory.

That is why I got the idea to invite some of my favorite bloggers to write guest posts on my blog. In this way, they will leave a virtual trail on this important piece of my life. Starting tomorrow, each and every one of them will bring a personal touch, while being inspired by one of my favorite words: harmony; a small word full of large and beautiful meanings.

Welcome (you know who you are 😉 ) and thanks for making me the honor of being a part of the place of dreams.

Here are the links to the ones already posted:

nature´s harmony, by Brian Meeks

I am looking for harmonies, by Daniel Pacheco

harmony, by Jody Brown

harmony – it’s a nice word, by Bob Borson

as easy as 1-3-5 — like a 3-way in sound (in B minor) , by jb Bartkowiak

harmony, by Paul Anater

working in harmony, by Sean Lintow Sr.

harmony and pet sounds, by David Mathias

the sounds of architecture, by Antony DiMase

funny harmony, by  Alexandra Williams

harmonize, by La Femme Architecte

harmony through the senses, by Tamara Dalton

embracing harmony, by John Cruice

the future of harmony and cities, by Cindy Frewen Wuellner

architecturally obsolete absolute, by Albert Bendersky

harmony through discord, by Madame Sunday

hamonies… a subjective matter?, by Tabitha Ponte

the harmony of a square, by Anulfo Baez