This is the tenth in a series of guest posts written by some of my favorite bloggers. To understand what this is about, you can read this post: 

This one in particular was written by the hilarious Alexandra Williams. Alexandra is a twin sister who writes the syndicated blog Fun & Fit. There, she and her sister use humor to answer real fitness questions from real people. Editor/Author/Speaker. ACE Cert 20+ yrs. Alexandra may also be found on Twitter @Alexandrafunfit .

Every time I’d ponder what to write on the topic of Harmony, I’d get the lyrics to the Elton John song dancing around my brain. So I decided to get out of my own way and follow that dance. For your amusement (and mine too, I admit) I’ll now decipher some of the lyrics:

Harmony and me, We’re pretty good company

This refers to the fact that I am at one with myself. Meaning – there’s just one of me. Really, don’t you just want to shout out “ohhhhm” whenever someone tells you, “I am at one with myself?” What are the other options exactly? Although….I am an identical twin so maybe I am actually at two with myself. If my parents had named my sister Harmony, this line would have a whole new meaning.

Open up your heart and let your feelings flow

Er, um, well, as a fitness professional I see this line as a bad suggestion. If you open up your heart, I believe the research indicates that your blood would flow. Your feelings would mostly be centered around fear and the desire to cry for help. But if you DO want to let your feelings flow, go to lunch with a close friend. Do not get all feelings flowy on a first or second date as you will scare away your potential soulmate who only wants to experience a little feelings trickle. For a while at least.

Have you quit doing time for me, Or are you the same spoiled child

Spoiled or not, don’t date anyone with felony convictions. What were you thinking?

Am I the only man you ever had, Or am I just the last surviving friend that you know

Don’t answer that. It’s a nosy question. You need to keep the mystery alive. If it just so happens that you’ve slept around, done a Bull Durham, can touch your toes and do backbends, gone down that road and back, had a wide variety of clarifying experiences, you can just say out loud, “Yes, you are the only man I’ve ever had,” then finish the sentence quietly to yourself, (“this week”). In any case, you probably survived all his other friends by staying so active!

Harmony, gee I really love you, And I want to love you forever
And dream of the never, never, never leaving harmony

Freaky stalker. Get a life.

You’re not unlucky knowing me

Duh. To know me is the definition of good luck. Do I need to attach a photo of myself doing a backbend as a reminder? As a matter of fact, knowing me is so absolutely good for you that I shall post a mailing address below so that you can send all your allowance to me. Don’t worry; doing so will bring you good luck. Just not quite as much good luck as it will bring me!

Hello, baby, hello, Haven’t seen your face for a while

Hmm, is someone avoiding a certain someone else perhaps? If it were me, I’d share a few things–One, I don’t like to be called “baby,” although you are free to call me “your worshipfulness.” Two, you haven’t seen my face because you never call, you never write. Oy. I’m just here aging (along with my face). So by the time you decide to pick up your damn phone and call me, my face will need big sunglasses and bright lipstick in order to maintain its youthful expression.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my explanation of Harmony. If not, you should have stopped reading way up by the title, you conflicted reader you.

Say hello, hello…


Photo credits: Creative Commons and Elite Henenson