Today is one of those days where I have no control over my thoughts; they just jump from one place to another, from one memory to another, without any connection or sense whatsoever.

My analytical nature, then starts playing to seek explanation for these jumps in time in order to discover the reason why these memories were activated, and after tireless attempts to decipher my little mystery of the day, the only relationship I can find among them besides the characters is how current, eternal, timeless they all are…


Every time I stop to think about the ideal building, the one that no matter what happens, is always going to be perfect for each and every one of those people lucky enough to admire it, the first thing that comes to my mind is exactly that word: timelessness.

That eternal condition which makes possible that, no matter the season, the time of the day or the moment in history, always without a doubt, it can fit into the environment and even more, make it better and more beautiful by the simple fact of being there.

Our cities are full of examples of the existence of this ideal building; the one with no time, no rush, no airs; but our eyes have begun to drift into those other buildings which tell the world exactly at what time, hour, minute and second were created.

Day after day, more architects are trying to shine in this business, and from my point of view, in many cases, in this need to stand out, the essence of our profession has got lost.

We are creators of realities; we daydream with better cities and draw those dreams to give it life until it becomes the perfect image… I think that this is the ideal of every architect… or maybe this is just mine.

Life surprises us every day with new elements; good and bad elements, but each and every one of those surprises, give us an opportunity to be better.

We must seize these opportunities in order to show the world our best face; not a face that reflects despair or fear, but a face that, in a whisper, tells the world:

This is my dream and I am here to make it happen…