Every two weeks, a group of very interesting people get together in an event called #LetsBlogOff in order to blog about one common topic. I´ve been wanting to join them for a long time, but since I´m always stressed out and with no time, not even to write for my own blog, I haven´t been able to do it. But this time, the topic hit a nerve. We´re supposed to write about: How do you relax and recharge?

So I started thinking about it and realized that lately… I just don´t relax! Ever!!! And this is why I´ve been having such a hard time trying to keep up with my blog. I´m focusing on my responsibilities and leaving pleasure aside.

But, how am I supposed to be creative and live a happy life if I don´t relax?! There´s no answer in my mind for this question…


Since I had to finish writing this post with a more clever response than “I just don´t relax“, I decided to put some thinking on the matter and tried to remember what was it that I used to do whenever I needed to get out of my head and connect with my very own parallel universe in which everything is purple and smooth. And then, a very vague, distant memory came to my head: nature

When I was younger (I mean not married and without kids), I used to go to the beach every weekend. I even tried surfing for a while. And it was great! Every time I got into the water and experienced the rush of a wave coming in, I felt alive.

Feeling the water between my toes, the breeze down my face, the cold currents that, from time to time rubbed my legs to remind me that I should be alert, that when I least expected it, the time would come, the moment with the perfect combination of inner peace and an adrenaline explosion… I know it sounds like a billabong add, but it is true; and I´m sure that the ones that have surfed know.

In case you´re wondering, that´s not me in the pic… waves in Venezuela are not that big… (yes, sure, that´s the reason why I´m not the girl in the pic… like I could EVER do what she´s doing…)


I remember that I stopped doing it when I got pregnant with my first baby… the reasons where obvious, but what is not obvious to me is why I didn´t start doing it again after the pregnancy was over. I guess I linked surfing with fun and fun is not for adults, right?

What was I thinking?! Fun is not for adults?! My little baby is now 8 years old and I´ve been wasting valuable time by thinking adults can´t have fun!

So I have a plan… I´m going to start acting like “a kid” again … I´m going back to surfing! And it doesn´t matter if I´m good at it or not. I´m just going to have fun.

Unlike her; she´s just showing off…


… I´m sure I´ll be writing soon about the many, many times that the surfboard hit me in the head.



To read what other bloggers do to relax and recharge go to #LetsBlogOff page, since my browser was not kind enough to let me paste the logo and table of participants.