Designing for minorities can be an extremely challenging task but also a very inspiring one. Disabled people, old people, children, dyslexic, obese, left handed; special people with special needs which are often not given due importance.

Recently, I discovered this video through one of my Google+ contacts

What drew my attention to this innovative design is that, even when it seems to have considered each of these different people with particular needs, it expresses so in a very subtle way.

Most of the time, the designs for these type of people tend to be oriented specifically toward them, so they tend to be exclusive. These designs, even when making this type of people feel like someone is thinking about them and their needs, he or she seems to be someone who thinks there should be a differentiation between them and the rest of the people.

This particular design is the complete opposite of this. It is designed with the mission of unifying, of clustering, blending.

While a person with special needs can feel perfectly comfortable in one of these desks, he/she will not feel different or excluded from the rest. Which, in my eyes, makes this beautiful and practical piece of design, something really special, and it also makes us think; it definitely is an issue to be considered by us architects, who usually focus so much on the spaces that sometimes forget about the people…