Many of us, humans, mortals, live our lives with an eternal fantasy in mind. Yes, it´s true, life seems more beautiful in our dreams, but what is the point of dreaming about the perfect place or the perfect life if we are unable to enjoy the life we ​​already have?


The same thing happens with architects and design. We try over and over again, always striving to create the ideal space in which everything works in perfect harmony, but as soon as we introduce the human factor into the equation, failures begin to appear.

Architects spent our entire life dreaming about designing the perfect place, the perfect space, the perfect home. But humans are imperfect beings. So, wouldn´t it be logical to start the process by taking these imperfections, this reality, and designing according to them?

Consider what happens with minimalism in the field of residential projects: we depurate, empty spaces in search of spacial cleanness, which is basically the same as the pursuit of perfection. Imagine a minimalist home: empty, impeccable, flawless… perfect! Now, place a human being in our imaginary house; one which, as all, eats, sleeps, bathes, messes up… the house doesn´t seems so perfect now, right?

Now do the reverse process: Imagine a human being, one who eats, sleeps, bathes, messes up… Follow his/her steps while he/she performs the daily activities. Accompany him/her during day and night. Analyze his/her customs, habits. Discover his/her imperfections…

Now think of how to reduce these imperfections, or better yet, how to make these imperfections a little less obvious, more livable; think of how to make him/her feel at least a little less imperfect.

That’s the ideal house! A house that fits its inhabitants like a glove; one that is capable of molding, adapting according to the needs of those who live it, experience it day after day. One that allows them not having to think, with every step taken, in their flaws and how to correct them; one that allows them to just relax and be. Perhaps for many, this one may not be the perfect house, but for those who make it their refuge, that’s definitely the ideal home.