A few months ago I wrote an essay about emotional architecture. It was initially posted here on Building Moxie´s blog, and then here on my own blog.

This is one of those essays that has remained resonating in my mind in an eternal connection of situations and elements. There´s no moment in life, after having written this essay that I don´t relate every emotion that I experience with the project I´m working on at the time.

But this network of connections has gone even further; I´ve started to compare or connect my emotions with the way I approach to projects.

For instance, I´ve come to realize that if I´m feeling happy, I tend to let my imagination loose, which usually makes me start the design process using a 3D modeling software. Each volume that manages to get raised above the ground plane reinforces my joy and makes me keep going.

If instead I´m feeling stressed or worried, technology becomes my enemy (or maybe I´m just not able to connect with it), so I usually go back to my origins and grab a pencil and a piece of paper and sink myself in a visceral process of straight and/or curved lines that seem to be trying, through the tracing of each of them, to release and take away all the stress and worries. It almost becomes a therapeutic procedure to relieve tensions.

Now, if the emotion invading me is sadness, I can only function through mechanical work, the one that begins when I press the start button of my laptop and which makes me travel through a series of programed or pre-thought movements that make me slowly enter my psyche, helping me find design intentions and concepts hidden in the most profound places.


There are so many emotions and each of them affects us in distinct ways. Besides, each person is different; every design process is unique and particular but, have you thought about how emotions influence your processes? Have you analyzed the ability of emotions to bring us closer to our most honest, visceral and creative being?…